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NOTE: We create three kinds of sites: economy, intermediate and deluxe. Samples of our deluxe site are accessible via www.PersonLive.com, www.ToChange.com and www.NoBlock.com. You are presently looking at our intermediate format. The economy format is accessible via www.economy.darnfast.com.


Inexpensive Website Design

That's what we're all about.

Our sites look professional, yet download quickly and are readable in 4 seconds max. on a slow (56K) modem.

Our mission is to make site creation so affordable, virtually anyone who wants one can have one. Our minimum fee ranges from $99 to $150.

We create sites for most kinds of businesses. However, we do not create sites that offer sexual services. Nor do we create sites that promote hatred or illegal acts such as violence towards persons or property.

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Website Myths
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Let's Dispel Some Website Myths

Did you know?

  • You don't need to own a computer to have a website.
  • You don't need a computer to acquire an email address.

  • It's easy to get your website hosted permanently, free of charge (ask us how).

  • Once you have a site, it's easy to revise it yourself.

  • Talking aside, email is the most efficient method of communication in the world. Why? Because when you choose to respond to a message, you can save a portion of it and include it in your reply, then comment on it directly.

  • Because email is so easy, people often respond to messages as soon as they receive them. Hence, you get answers to questions quickly, moreso than by leaving phone messages.

  • It doesn't cost much to acquire a domain name (for example, a web address that corresponds to your company name) or to acquire hosting for a site with a domain name.

  • If you have a business, acquiring a site has a tremendous advantage. Suppose you buy a small advertisement. If you list your web address, most of your market can acquire a great deal of information about your products or services by visiting your site.

    • Thus, a small, inexpensive advertisement acquires the value of a large, expensive one, through the power of the web.
    • This is what experts mean when they say the web levels the playing field: a small business can now acquire a "full-page" ad for the price of a small one.

  • If you tell people you have a website and they're interested in you, they'll go there. A web listing in the phone directory can be acquired at very low cost.

Let Us Create a Website for You

Let us create a simple, inexpensive site for you. If you have pre-existing, written material that could be incorporated into your website (such as that contained in brochures or other promotional material), we'll save you money by using that. If not, we can write it for you.

If you have money, but not time, we'll do everything and charge less than what you would normally pay for the same level of service. How do we do it? We subscribed to several hosting services, evaluated them, and found one that offered extremely reliable service at a very low cost.


Don't Act out of Fear

Don't get a website because an Internet guru says that if you don't, your competition will get one and put you out of business. It's not necessarily the case. There are many people who are not connected to the Net, have no intention of using it, and make purchases the old-fashioned way – and there will always be people who prefer to do things over the phone or in person. I know a number of successful entrepreneurs who do not have websites.

In short, don't get a website out of fear. Get it because it's an extremely cost-effective way of targeting your market and letting the entire world know you're open for business. If you're not in business, get a website to share your ideas with others, to make valuable suggestions, to network with people who share your views, preferences and aspirations. If you're looking for work, put your resume on the web and email your web address to selected employers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process whereby information about a website will be displayed by search engines, when users search for relevant key phrases. For example, a widget retailer in Toronto wants people to find him on Google by searching for such phrases as "widgets toronto." The goal of search engine optimization is to cause information about the retailer's website to be displayed near the top of the search results.

We have done this successfully and can provide evidence thereof on request. When we say we are successful, we mean that the results display within the top ten sites listed, sometimes within the top three, and sometimes we hit the jackpot!

About A Site To Behold TM

A Site To Behold is located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, on Kennedy Road, between between Kennedy Subway station (at Eglinton Ave. E.) and Lawrence East LRT (Light Rapid Transit) station. Scarborough is a community within the city of Toronto.

We can be reached via snailmail at A Site To Behold, Head Office, 877 Kennedy Road, Suite 308, Scarborough, Ontario  M1K 2E9, Canada.

Call 24 Hrs 7 Days:  416 · 398 ·TALK (8255)
Toll Free:  1 · 866 · 877·TALK (8255)
Send an message to Howard Halpern, OEO (Only Executive Officer), A Site To Behold.





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